Do you work with groups?   

 Do you want to ...

                    learn new techniques?

                    get to know other methods and concepts?

                    widen your professional and personal horizon?

                    spend not much money and have a maximum profit?

MehrStimmig is directed to persons out of all psychosocial fields. Everybody can participate as presentator and attendant. The workshops will be held in the language of the presenter and not translated.


The convention combines professionalism and variety. It wants do soften boundaries between professions and schools. Social, therpeutic, paedagogic, dynamic and creative approaches should learn from each other in the work with groups and complement each other. Our aim is to link people with differnet approaches and techniques.



As professional who works with groups you will gain:

                        - insight in a variety of different techniques of                            intervention.

                         - widen your network with other professionals.


  - exchange your concepts and techniques of     intervention in groups.


  - profit of interdiciplinary thinking and acting.    

  - deepen your know-how in your work with    groups.    

Expected profits of your clients are:

                        - to inspire the capacity of interaction

                        - to activate the capacity of reflection

                        - to boost the efficiency of cooperation

                        - to support the capacity of integration of the                            group

That the next time you can rely on a broader knowledge of methods and techniques.

Mehrstimmig is an italian invention from Luigi Dotti. it takes place every year in Iseo. Here do you find some impressions of this "psicodrama a piú voci".